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Cord Cutters Rejoice!!

Since my post about Cutting the Cord is by far the most popular on this blog, I thought I would share some exciting news with everyone. Our favorite media streaming service has just had a huge update making it much more user friendly.  Its called PlayOn, and allows you to cast any videos you can watch on your PC to a Roku, Chromecast, Playstation, Xbox, Wii...what have you (we love the free episodes on and the free hulu episodes). It can also link up to any paid subscription service you have (netflix, amazon, etc.)  I paid $70 last year for a lifetime licence, and now they are offering a scaled down version for free. If you do upgrade to the paid program ($30 annually or $60 lifetime), you can also use your PC as a DVR for any online video and watch it later (including hulu and netflix videos about to expire), skip commercials on certain videos, AND now you can also stream it to a tablet or smart phone (in-network as far as I can tell). Also, the videos are recorded in Mpeg 4 format and can be added to any device you want to watch offline. We seriously use this program on a daily basis.  Check it out if you think its up your alley, or if you are considering cutting the cord.


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10 Ideas For Leftover Baby Food

Ah, baby food.  Whether you make and freeze your own purees in large quantities, or buy it commercially, chances are you're going to have a plethora of leftover fruits, veggies, and perhaps even meats once that tiny tot of yours decides that "real" food tastes SO much better and, lets just face it, its much more fun to feed himself and chew it up than to have mush in his mouth.  This begs the question: What to do with all of that leftover baby food?  I hope I can help answer that with a few ideas of my own, and a few links from around the web.
1.  Give it to a friend.  Know someone who has a little one just getting ready to start solid foods?  Or perhaps their baby is already on solid food but not ready for table food yet.  Many moms would be very appreciative to receive a gift of baby food for their tyke.  Commercial baby food can eve be given to a mama who is pregnant or just had a baby as long as you do the math and the expiration date is more than 6 months from the d…

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The best part of having your own chickens is fresh eggs.  Since spring feels like it has arrived in our neck of the woods, our chickens have ramped up their egg production significantly in the last couple of weeks.  This occurred right after I bought a dozen and a half eggs from Costco since I wasn't expecting to have so many fresh ones on hand for a few weeks yet.  Oops.  So here I was with a huge amount of eggs, trying to figure out what to do with them.  Then I remembered a family pot luck we had coming up and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to use up a dozen or more eggs in hard-boiled form on a big batch of potato salad.  Since I was making hard boiled eggs, I though I'd share my little trick for peeling them.

I never realized that people have a hard time peeling hard boiled eggs until I got married and my husband was complaining one day about how he couldn't get the eggs peeled very easily.  Then I noticed one day my mother-in-law struggling to peel a …