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Pretty Princess Dolls

I wish I had taken better pictues of these, because this one just doesn't do it justice.  I made these princess dolls for my six-year-old niece for Christmas, and I actually made two more (Tiana and Aurora) that I didn't get pictures of.  Drat!  Oh well.  They were pretty straightforward to make, and my niece LOVED them.  I put them all in a cute little purse for easy travel, and the whole night after she unwrapped them, she wouldn't put that purse down or let anyone else touch it...not even her mom who just wanted to look at them!  I was tickled pink.  I used the Princess Peg Doll Tutorial that I based my Nativity Set on as well, but I added Princess Merida from Brave to the mix.

I think that Merida ended up being my favorite, followed by Snow White.  I also made a set of Super Hero Figures for my son using the same method.  The best part of these toys is that they are about the same size as the original Fisher Price Little People, so they can use their cars, furniture, etc.  My son likes to put his in his toy fire truck, just because they fit.  

Cost Break Down:
Tall peg dolls (2 each pack): 4 x $1.50 at Craft Warehouse
Leftover Paints: $0
Total: $6

I mention in my post about the Super Hero Figures that I found the dolls even cheaper at Hobby Lobby later.  $2.99 for a pack of 8 instead of buying them in packs of two.  If I had known that before hand, this project would have only cost me $3!!


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